Rachél Bazelais

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Artist Statement

I am web programmer, a game designer and a developer. I am focused on intertwining interactive experiences with responsive and efficient design. The games that I create are defined through the narrative and the embodiment of those experiences. I joins these paths between interactivity in digital media and games through mechanics that allow the player to experience the story from different points of view.

My inspiration stems from not seeing enough representation of people of color in the tech industry. As a multidisciplinary designer I work hard to develop to bring forward stories and details that often go unnoticed. Part of my process before I begin is to identify what kind of experience I want to create through research and exploration of my encapsulating theme. My work spans a few mediums from creating websites that have an emphasis on responsive and intuitive usability, to text adventures using Twine, pure javascript, and game engines such as Unreal Engine and Unity.